Matthew Walt

It was truly a pleasure working with Lorrie. I had zero experience selling a house and I was in over my head preparing my house for sale. Lorrie was very professional and made it easy to stay on track to sell the house as quickly as possible.

It was not easy for me to to coordinate everything from a different city, and whenever there was a contract worker or inspector on site, Lorrie did her best to ensure she were there.

Most importantly, Lorrie was patient with me through the entire process. I had a lot of questions and needed her advice on a number of issues but she was always available to help with anything I needed.

It is obvious Lorrie cares about her clients and it shows through her results. I will be recommending Lorrie to my friends and family living in the area.

Rod Eskridge

(This was sent to Matt McNeil, an Oklahoma estate sale manager. Matt provided Lorrie's contact information to Rod.)

My wife and I would like to thank you for the referral you gave us for Lorrie Semler in the Dallas area.

We had to move my wife's sister and her husband to Oklahoma City to care for them and we needed to sell most of their belongings and the house. Your referral of Lorrie was the perfect match for us. She did a magnificent job with the estate sale, getting more than even what she thought she could do. Next, the selling of the house was perfect. She helped us do all the preliminary work regarding the house before she had the estate sale so the house was completely ready to sell within a few days of the estate sale. The house went on the market August 1 and we closed on the 30th.

Again thanks so much for your help.

Jean Bixler

Lorrie Semler is an excellent Realtor®.  She is knowledgeable of the housing market in the Metroplex, an excellent resource for various services that may be needed to make the house more sellable and, above all, patient.  I am the executor of an estate with a home located in Plano.  Before putting the house on the market I needed to pick Lorrie’s brain for contacts for area roofers and foundation inspectors, who came and performed their services quickly and efficiently – and reasonably.  Lorrie waited until I had the estate sale for the private property before opening the home for prospective buyers and then secured a contract within a week! 

Trish Miller

I can't believe it! The closing is over and the check is in the bank. I started to think it would never happen but with your wit, tenacity and talent the deal was done. Trust me that I know what a pain this whole thing was and how hard you worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been a pleasure having someone as bright and capable as you handling this difficult sale during this stressful time. If you are ever in Florida ....really, I mean it, call me!

Amy & Bill McGregor

Thank you for all your patience, knowledge and expertise as our real estate agent.  We especially appreciate our very short time on market!

Kim Starr-Hirsch

I live in Rhode Island and my mother lives 1500 miles away in Texas. We needed to hold an estate sale of my mother’s furnishings in Texas and sell her house. Until I met Lorrie Semler, this task seemed overwhelming.    Within two months of meeting her, she had organized everything in my mother’s home for an estate sale, put the home on the market, and sold the house. The quality of the job that Lorrie performed was beyond my wildest dreams. No task was too great or too small for her attention.   When all was finished, I received five times more than I expected from the estate sale and much more than I expected from the home sale.
For the estate sale, Lorrie appraised and organized every single item in the house. The house looked beautiful in preparation for the sale with clever arrangements of furniture and accessories very attractive to a prospective buyer. During the sale, her staff itemized every purchase, and at the end I received sales slips for every item sold as well as a spreadsheet and, of course, a final check. At the end of the sale her clean-up crew, a wonderful group of people, boxed, bagged, and carted everything to the charity of my choice and I received a donation slip from the charity.
For the sale of the house, Lorrie went far beyond what I have ever had a realtor do to sell a house. Her knowledge of the Dallas market was outstanding and she had great recommendations in all areas of home sales and negotiations. We were also renovating two bathrooms and she spoke with the contractor numerous times, chose and purchased the cabinet handles, exchanged lighting fixtures, supervised workmen in the house, recommended inspectors, discussed which repairs were essential, and advised on every aspect of the remodeling. In other words, she took on many of the tasks that I would have been doing had I not lived at such a distance. She was vigilant and most thoroughly present through all aspects of this sale. She even met us at a tile store one Friday night to choose the bathroom tile size and color. She is the consummate professional.
A warm and caring individual, Lorrie was emotionally supportive during the difficult task of liquidating my mother’s estate and selling her house. I felt as though she cared about my mother and me as people; we were not just another job to her. For me to leave a message was a rarity; she always answered her phone.   Lorrie Semler is the embodiment of the word responsibility.
The experience of selling my mother’s home when I lived so far away was daunting. It was only when I met Lorrie that I believed that it could be done. I felt as if I had a friend or relative who cared as much about this procedure as I did and who would step in and do what no friend or relative would or could do. I would be pleased to recommend Lorrie Semler to anyone contemplating an estate sale or home sale. Feel free to contact me at 401-261-7909.

Janice Black

I highly recommend Lorrie Semler to you for your consideration in her various areas of expertise and services. For my particular case Lorrie facilitated the sale of an estate property. The lines of communications were excellent. I never had to worry about what was happening and was confident that she would keep me informed in a timely manner. The many, many questions I had during this very stressful time were handled quickly and professionally which put my mind at ease. Overall I am very happy with all her hard work and handling of the sale. I will pass along her information to whoever is in need of these services and would not hesitate to use her again in the future.

Kenneth Nordeman

Your patient professional approach to marketing a difficult property in a difficult market is greatly appreaciated.

Your advice, particularly the selection of Steven Allen to do the staging and the selection of Fidelity National for the warranty coverage, paid handsome dividends.

If I ever have the opportunity to recommend you, I'd be delighted to.

Again, thank you very much.